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June 25, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

Places to find a mentor for your start-up


Accessing angellist is a little hard, but it is without any doubt angellist will be providing you with the best professionals, reaching them is a little hard as you can’t send direct messages if not mutually connected. When that’s the case, keep reading…..
A mentor would be someone who has experience in your specific industry and would be willing to take you on and show you essentially what they did or how they did it. The second option is for you to find an expert in growing businesses and have them coach you in the areas of marketing, sales, strategic planning & finance. If you choose to go in the direction of the second option check out this page for resources. www.actioncoach.com/juanortega
If however if are going for the first choice, you should check out https://www.score.org
SCORE helped create 47,187 jobs this year at the cost of $148 per post.
SCORE also helped create 56,079 small businesses at the cost of $125.*
*According to 2014 Gallup Research Client Impact Study
In FY14, SCORE provided:
~500,000 total services to
~500,000 total clients and
~12,000 face-to-face workshops with 200,000 attendees
SCORE is a nonprofit association with 11,000 volunteers, business experts in 300+ offices in communities across the country. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Combined with hundreds of local volunteers, workbooks, brochures & online tools, SCORE is your one-stop source for small business mentoring & training.
I would also like to recommend MaRS. Their website is http://www.marsdd.com. They are a Canadian organisation, but most of their resources apply to the US, if not globally, as well. Check out their Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, specifically Entrepreneurship 101 which has around 12 hours of video lectures for entrepreneurs. There is an entire section dedicated to financing, explicitly bootstrapping and funding via VC.
Best of luck on your new venture!


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